Celebrity Lena Dunham

Whether you consider Lena Dunham a misunderstood soul or an awful sociopath, there’s new info in New York Magazine this week to validate your opinion. Profile writer Allison P. Davis keeps her relentlessly oversharing subject at arm’s length while erring on the side of sympathy. As celebrity journalism goes, it’s a heckuva achievement. continue

8th Arlington International Film Festival

Already, New England fall winds are giving way to the encroaching iciness of winter, but the 8th annual Arlington International Film Festival—starting November 1st with screenings at Arlington, Massachusetts’, historic Capitol Theatre—is like a communal hearth for cinephiles, warming the minds and imaginations of… continue

Sonic Outsider

experiencing the art of Christine Sun Kim

Leaves rustle as they are swept into a cyclone. Laughter and excitement emanate from the voices of students on a field trip down the block. The dull, constant, drill-and-whirr of machinery against metal down the street contributes to the sound of an impromptu orchestra. This is the music that is often for granted—and that is the focus of Too Much Future, a public artwork… continue

Forever Bernstein

encountering the composer's 100th

This year marks the centenary of American musical giant—and Massachusetts native—Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), and over 3000 tributes have been planned around the globe to culminate in his birth anniversary on August 25th. I had the opportunity to attend two events in Washington, D.C. on a weekend in May. The foremost question… continue

An Essential Question

reviewing the book, Why Poetry

It may never be possible to empirically demonstrate the value of poetry. Just think about the amount of academic energy spent struggling to build a scientific understanding of even the simplest kinds of language. An answer to the question “Why Poetry?” is even more elusive than a coherent response to “How Words?” because… continue

Jukebox Therapy Sessions

Shannon & the Clams talk Onion, their latest album

Imagine walking into a beachside diner in the 1960s, ordering a frothy chocolate milkshake, and sliding a nickel into the jukebox. Outside the windows, the waves off the California coast crash and recede against the golden sands. Guitar riffs and illustrious vocals delivered by a 21st century singer summoning… continue

Traditionally Fresh

listening and speaking with trumpeter Itamar Borochov

Trumpeter Itamar Borochov might be the most interesting jazz musician you’ll hear in 2018. The young and highly original virtuoso just dropped an album that defies words in its embodiment of musical oxymorons. How can a jazz album be this lyrical, with enchanting melodies that shake the very bottom of your heart, and stay in your mind for days to come, yet bafflingly… continue

Nathan Lee’s Kennedy Center Debut

Young pianist Nathan Lee had been forced to postpone his Kennedy Center debut recital (originally scheduled for last month) due to injury. The concert has been rescheduled for Sunday, April 29th at the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater and exciting tickets will be honored on that date. The concert is part of Washington Performing Arts’ Hayes Piano Series. Reached for comment in December, Washington Performing Arts President and CEO, Jenny Bilfield, tells ArtsEditor that… continue

Curve of Departure at the Studio Theatre

Drug addiction, illness, poverty, and death—any one of these could rend a family apart, but Rachel Bonds compresses all of them and more into Curve of Departure, her new play at Studio Theatre in Washington, DC, directed by Mike Donahue. When Cyrus dies in New Mexico, the remnants of the family he abandoned gather for the funeral. His son… continue

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