Conjuring Scenes

reviewing American Epics: Thomas Hart Benton and Hollywood

Painting has always courted change with breathless, barreling enthusiasm—and a medium that’s declared dead so often has done well in choosing resurrection as its lifeblood. New technologies have invoked new modes of experiential expression, imbuing painterly practice with a relentless urgency to prove its relevance in an ever-shifting marketplace. So-called post-digital painting discloses its… continue

Boston’s Greenway sculpture by Janet Echelman

Janet Echelman’s mammoth sculptures are constructed from neither marble, nor stone. They are fluid, iridescent cloud-like masses fabricated primarily of hand-spliced rope and knotting twine. Her new piece “As If It Were Already Here” was installed earlier this month near Boston’s waterfront. Commissioned by the city’s Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, the complex arrangement of rope and nodes spans approximately half an acre and… continue

Best of Enemies

The old adage “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” could not be less relevant to William F. Buckley, Jr. and Gore Vidal. As subjects of the new documentary film Best of Enemies—scheduled to be screened this year at the 13th Annual Independent Film Festival Boston running from April 22nd through 29th—Buckley and Vidal pose as colossal rivalries of their respective political convictions. Written and directed by Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville, the film examines the… continue

Persistence of Paper

a fair during New York's Armory Arts Week, reviewed

No characteristic distinguishes man as decidedly as our desire for memory and meaning. Since the very beginning of time—from the mysterious and otherworldly scenes painted on the walls of the Lascaux caves over 17,000 years ago, to the cuneiform script that emerged in Sumer during the late 4th millennium B.C.E.—man has sought out ways to transmit ideas from one generation to the next. But perhaps no issue plagued our early ancestors as much as this: on what material could they transcribe their ideas and images to make… continue

Uncensured Ballet

revisiting Francesco Rosi's film Il momento della verità

Today, we are enveloped in visual media, obsessed, even, with instantaneous image-making. An artist interested in producing a digital or analogue image has access to a host of immediate technologies. The “selfie” and the five-second Vine productions are but a few examples in this rapidly growing milieu a perhaps inevitable evolution to follow from the invention of the camera. Our relationship to the technology has been transformed; the evolving capacity… continue

Connected Dialogues

experiencing Harvard Art Museums

It is no small feat to combine three museums into a single building, each with its own legacy and logistical challenges. But after more than a decade of planning and construction, the Harvard Art Museums have done just that. The resulting state-of-the-art facility, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, is aimed at encouraging visitors to forge their own path of art appreciation. According to Thomas W. Lentz, the museums’ director…


MCC Establishes a Literary Cultural District

The Massachusetts Cultural Council has voted to establish a Literary Cultural District in Boston. The area will stretch from Copley Square to downtown, the first of its kind in the nation. According to the MCC, the district is a walkable section of Boston that contains a wealth of…


Mood Indigo

The excessive inventiveness marking director Michel Gondry’s earlier films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), The Science of Sleep (2006), and Be Kind Rewind (2008) is once again presented in his latest film escapade, Mood Indigo, but this time with even more ambition. Holding French novelist…


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Collective Haze

experiencing the exhibit Twin Allegories
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