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Legacy of Horror

exploring the genre’s psychological origins

You can bet that whenever our little societal fiefdoms are flipped over like so many unlucky turtles, bellies baking in the apocalyptic sun, the horror genre will be there to trumpet the tragedy, the irony, the desperation of the moment in mostly monstrous terms. To think: there exists international discourse, where—willfully or not, for clout or…


Powerful Creative Youth

discussing a milestone gift with ZUMiX in Boston

Madeleine Steczynski, co-founder and executive director of ZUMiX, said in an interview with ArtsEditor that, more than anything, a gift like this allows the arts organization to establish long-term financial security in a way never before seen in their three decades of operation. “For a lot of the last thirty years, we were two to three months from being out of business… continue

Inspired Art Students

experiencing the Artrageous! auction in 2021, the 35th!

Following a year where not many folks went much further than their own backyard, galleries and museums were closed to the public and most of culture became virtual, Montserrat College of Art is once again holding its annual art auction to benefit student scholarship—live and in person, but with a virtual opportunity as well. On Friday, June 18th, the college will hold its second night of the Artrageous! auction for the 35th year, making art available from students, faculty… continue

Oscar Winner Nomadland

In some ways, Nomadland, the Best Picture winner at Sunday night’s 93rd annual Academy Awards, is a quintessential Oscar film. Star Frances McDormand, who plays Fern in the film, has become an awards-season favorite in recent years, and the film’s coloring, score, and editing are all in line with the style of film that the Academy seems to be gravitating towards. However, there’s an element of Nomadland that might also have tugged at the hearts of Academy voters that’s not as immediately evident: the… continue

Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland

The first hour of the event focused directly on Lagioia, the guest of honor. Persico asked him both about La città dei vivi and his experience as an artist in 2020. Lagioia, in answers that regularly branched off-topic, spoke on a number of factors that all contributed to the creation of his most… continue

Trent England’s Solitaire Suite

Told from the point-of-view of Celeste, a young mother who’s traded in her life in the city for a quieter one in suburbia, Solitaire Suite is billed as a play where “The Twilight Zone meets Zoom!” As Celeste and her husband Pete pick up their son Tiger from… continue

Lightning Strikes Thrice

listening to Ella: The Lost Berlin Tapes

The hardest part of enjoying old jazz music—or any old music, really—is coming to terms with the fact that the most prominent, beloved artists of the past will never release new music. There will never be another excited wait for a new album, and there are no new interviews to read or… continue

NEC Chamber Singers Choral Performance

A concert dominated by sacred choral music has the potential to snooze even the most pious listener, but on December ninth, Erica J. Washburn and the New England Conservatory Chamber Singers presented a compelling, pre-recorded selection of works by Black composers… continue

From the Archives: 1999-2021

21 Feb 2011

Oh Yes It Is!

discussing Panto with Matthew Woods
10 Aug 2010

Shipyard Wreckage

a review of HarborArts Outdoor Gallery
16 Jul 2006

Collective Haze

experiencing the exhibit Twin Allegories
01 Apr 2002

Gestural Conviction

Mark Morris Dance Group's V, reviewed