“World War I was an important turning point in the history of American philanthropy. The efforts of Americans across the economic spectrum, though present in American society before 1914, greatly expanded during the war and its aftermath. For philanthropists like Anne Morgan and organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation as well as the millions of Americans who participated in mass philanthropy, the experience of World War I helped guide their response to World War II and beyond, leaving… more

Photo: Dead trees along a road in Diksmuide, Belgium; TheWorldWar.org

“I knew the Americans were generous. I knew a great many of them had come to us, giving their lives to my Country which they love. I was told at school that their kindness was so great, that they were willing to help the little orphans which had lost their fathers on the field of honor. […] I have the mission of thank you for your extreme generosity. Mamma has… more

Image: American Red Cross ambulance illustration by Lawrence Wilbur; TheWorldWar.org