Single-task Musing

experiencing an typewriter’s journey from Paris

On that day, I was on the buyers’ side. For several months, I was looking for a typewriter to decorate my bookshelves, a thinly disguised nod to those writers from another century that I admired. In vain. Of all I had seen, none had aroused in me the nervous excitement that one feels when buying something not out of need, but out of envy. As I walked through the crowded aisles of this…


Surrealism; The Menil Collection; Victor Brauner; Max Ernst; René Magritte; and Hans Arp; Joseph Cornell; Giorgio de Chirico; Salvador Dalí; Marcel Duchamp; Alberto Giacometti; Paul Klee; Wifredo Lam; Roberto Matta; Joan Miró; Meret Oppenheim; Francis Picabia; Yves Tanguy; Dorthea Tanning; also Hans Bellmer; Brassaï; Henri Cartier-Bresson; André Kertész; Man Ray; and…


Dick Van Drama

exploring the other side of Van Dyke's significance

We get it, we see it: in 1960s television and film, no one was lighter on his feet, no one more effortlessly straddling the comedy/elegance tightrope. A song and dance man like Danny Kaye and Ray Bolger before him, a hyperkinetic vaudeville throwback like his idol Buster Keaton, Dick Van Dyke charmed from every angle of the entertainment polyhedron. Those who don’t envision him as Rob Petrie on his…


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21 Feb 2011

Oh Yes It Is!

discussing Panto with Matthew Woods
10 Aug 2010

Shipyard Wreckage

a review of HarborArts Outdoor Gallery
16 Jul 2006

Collective Haze

experiencing the exhibit Twin Allegories
01 Apr 2002

Gestural Conviction

Mark Morris Dance Group's V, reviewed