Dick Van Drama

exploring the other side of Van Dyke's significance

We get it, we see it: in 1960s television and film, no one was lighter on his feet, no one more effortlessly straddling the comedy/elegance tightrope. A song and dance man like Danny Kaye and Ray Bolger before him, a hyperkinetic vaudeville throwback like his idol Buster Keaton, Dick Van Dyke charmed from every angle of the entertainment polyhedron. Those who don’t envision him as Rob Petrie on his…


New York Public Library; Treasures: The Polonsky Exhibition; Library’s first-ever permanent exhibit and ongoing online experiences too; The themes include; Beginnings; Explorations; Performances; Fortitude; Written Word; Visual World; Childhood; Belief; New York City; Author talks also; NYPL Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street;


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